Audience Profile

  • Team Annual Report: Chief Financial Officers, Company Secretaries, Investor Relation Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers and Corporate Communication Leads
  • Best of South Asia: Representations from more than 150 companies from South Asia. Non-Indian companies form nearly 35% of this target block
  • Entry: By registration, first come first served basis
  • Delegate Limit: Only 250 corporate delegates

Non-corporate registration requests will be entertained on a
case-to-case basis.

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Speaker Profile

Who adds up as speakers?

Sharing expertise and insights with the delegates will be a battery of expert speakers from the various fields, with a single aim – to improve corporate reporting

  • Subject matter experts: A renowned authority each on corporate governance, annual report and sustainability reporting
  • Informed moderators: 3 renowned personalities from the fields of governance, corporate finance and capital markets to moderate panel discussions
  • Expert Panellists: 12 expert panellists adequately representing regulators, investors, corporates, think tanks and sustainability practioners
  • Corporate Representation: Corporate Finance, Secretarial, Investor Relations, Sustainability, CSR and Communication
  • Dignitaries: Four appropriate dignitaries to bless two distinct events
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