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Down The Memory Lane

Born at Mumbai on March 27, 2011, AR Conclave is the world’s first and oldest niche conference on Corporate Reporting. Till date, seven editions of AR Conclave have been staged across Mumbai (3), New Delhi (2), Bengaluru (1) and Hyderabad (1)


From deliberating on the ‘history and evolution of annual report’ to ‘making of a benchmark annual report’ to ‘global best practices in corporate reporting’ to ‘increasing role of reporting non-economic value in an annual report’ to ‘role of corporate communication in delivering a good report’; AR Conclave has taken a step-wise approach to take the audience to the next level of deliberation.

‘Global AR Exhibition’, an exclusive exhibition of the best of globally produced annual reports of from the last decade has been a constant companion of AR Conclave since inception. Solo presentation and speaking by subject matter experts, to moderated panel discussions, to release of exclusive research and findings; the Conclave has adopted a varied format for optimal delivery of actionable knowledge and imitable insights.

500+ attendees, 175+ listed Indian companies and 20+ speakers summarises AR Insight’s cumulative congregation till date. Historical download count of 8000+ of ‘AR Monitor’, a benchmark study on annual report of Sensex companies suggest the timeless utility of insightful research that the conclave is known for.

The attendees, mostly from senior management levels, came from finance, secretarial, communication, investor relations and sustainability functions of India Inc. The company representation has majorly been skewed towards medium to large market capitalisation, with this group sending more than 80% of the delegates.